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How can I pay for college?

“How can I pay for college?” is not only an important question for most college students, but for those pursuing graduate degrees, too. And it’s one that you can’t overlook. In today’s competitive American market, a graduate degree is quickly becoming a necessity even for entry-level jobs. As masters degree programs across most colleges continue to become very expensive, students are only able to cover a fraction of the cost through their own resources.

This is why searching for scholarships throughout your own state is important. Even if colleges are reducing financial aid packages to new students, many scholarships, independent of those colleges, are available. Many of them are offered through state and city governments and others are offered through private companies or individuals.

Who can apply for scholarships?

With the rising cost of college, it’s important to search for scholarships. It’s also important to search within your state’s database for scholarships. This increases the number of opportunities available to help you pay for college.

Many are available to help students and families meet educational expenses that can’t otherwise be met through their own resources. There are need-based and non-need-based scholarships.

Even online colleges—which already offer competitive tuitions when judged against traditional campuses—have financial aid packages and scholarships available. Talk to an advisor to learn more.

What kinds of scholarships are available for me?

Scholarships tend to fall into three categories:

  • Scholarships for academically-talented students. Many scholarships are available for top-performing students who are otherwise not able to pay tuition without financial aid.
  • Scholarships for students pursuing jobs in high-need fields. Many scholarships also help cut the cost of college for students who are planning on working in fields that are constantly understaffed. Nursing scholarships are particularly a great resource for students—with funding available not only on the state, but also the federal and private levels.
  • Scholarships for non-traditional students. Some students raising a family also decide to go back to school and for them, there’s a wealth of opportunity available through state-based scholarships.

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